Sunday, January 11, 2009


Anisa mentioned the other day that she wanted to do some cards. That got me thinking. I have lots of stamps which I mainly bought to do cards. Then I got the itch to do some stamping. So, thanks Anisa for helping to inspire me to make what is one of my favorite cards!
I made the scalloped circles with my Cricuit, but I'm sure you could find a stencil/template to do the same thing. Better yet, you may even be able to find them precut somewhere. The pink scallop is attached to the green one with a brad. Swivel open to write a "bird" day greeting!
Supplies: Card stock: Provo Craft; Patterned Paper: from my stash; Stamps: Happy Spring (Stampin Up); Ink: Pink Passion (Stampin Up!); Marker: Pink Passion (Stampin Up!) Idea: paper trends magazine march/april 2008
I also have spent a little time beading. My friend and I actually made the colored beads on this necklace with sculpy clay and polished it with sparkly nail polish. It was a very simple necklace to make even with having to make our own beads.


Anisa said...

Love, love, love that card!!!

rubberbandgirl said...

It's a really cute idea!

nateandcj said...

Hey Angie-
Cute as always! Are you still with Stampin' up?

Angie Maynes said...

Sadly, I'm not with Stampin Up and more. I ran out of customers up here. Sniff...At least I don't feel guilty now when I buy from close to my heart (not that that happens much)

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

That card is a really cute idea, good thing I have birthdays coming up, I can use it!