Friday, March 19, 2010

A Button for Punishment

I am a complete novice at jewelery making which leaves me wondering why I keep coming back to it. It's right up there with counted cross-stitch when it comes to fine motor-skill annoyance and crafts from which I get derive no pleasure.

However, I was walking through Joann's fabric store and saw some lovely over-sized buttons and immediately thought of a friend of mine whose birthday is coming up very soon. I thought that she'd really like to be able to wear those cool buttons and my only answer was jewelry.

The buttons were already 50% off so they made a really inexpensive focal point for, say, a necklace. I purchased two and some beads and began to work on them. I started with the prettiest, an ivory-colored button with a flower carved into it. I used silver wire in lieu of thread in the button holes. It was kind of sticking out the back too much so I thought it would help to lightly hammer the wire down.

The button shattered. (I tried to replace the button yesterday, but there were several blank spots in the ivory button racks so think that's a sign that she only needs one necklace from me)

I moved on to the next button and through much trial, error and advice came up with this. I applied a circle of felt with hot glue to the back of the button to cover the wire and keep it comfortable to wear. Despite being completely frustrated with the task, I'm quite happy with the result and hope that my friend likes it as well.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Snow Showers bring Fabric Flowers

It snowed this weekend. But I was in the mood for flowers. So, I used Cami's Sizzix and some super cool wool fabric that I got from my mom's stash and I made some fabric flowers. I met a girl in my neighborhood a few months ago that was wearing a fabric flower similar to these. I asked her how she made them and she kind of explained it to me. So, I thought I would do my version and see how it turned out.
For these flowers you will need 6 flowers. We cheated and cut the flowers out on the Sizzix with a flower die. You could trace and hand cut the flowers if you want. I am using different colors in my sample flower so that you can see the layering easier. Step 1: Take your first two flowers and off set them. Using a needle and thread, just pull the need through from the back. Step 2: Fold the other 4 flowers in half (I ironed mine for the picture, but don't do that. You want them to fluff up). Step 3: Layer the flowers like you would fold closed the top of a box... turning a quarter turn for every flower. Step 4: Put your layered flowers on top of your other two flowers and pull that needle through the flowers again. Sew a couple of stitches through to make sure you get every layer. Step 5: With that threaded needle still in your flower, sew a button in the middle.
Now, my multi-colored flower is a little wonky... but kind of cute. But let me show you some of my cuter flowers. Gotta love my mom's stash of fabric!!! -Anisa

Monday, March 15, 2010

My On-Going Project

Ever since we moved into our current home (just over two years ago) I have had a craft room. It's just a non-livable space that the hubby granted to me and I've been really happy about, but it has never been decorated or organized or anything special.
I got tired of that a few months back and have been trying to make it a comfy, cute place where I'm not completely embarrassed to have Angie or Anisa come and craft with me.
It has not been easy.
Little things help, like Anisa recovering a cute chair (here along with a spray paint tutorial) for me and giving me a matching lamp that doesn't fit her decor any longer, but ther real issue is clutter and so much crafty stuff that I don't know what to do with it all! Yikes!
I have before pics that i'm not quite ready to share yet, but here is the first thing I did for my room to add some personality.
I love playing with words so I thought it would be fun to make cross-word puzzle looking wall decor.
I used Making Memory's Simply Fab foam stamps and simple acrylic craft paint. The letters are just under 3" in height, I believe.
I used two pins and a thread with a level to give me a guide to follow and did the long, horizontal phrase first. The rest was just eye-balled.
I love it.
I love it because it didn't cost me anything, but time, as I already had these supplies for scrapbooking.
I love it because it's a piece of me in a room of my very own. How's that Virginia Woolf?
So, I have a lot more that I'm going to be posting about my craft room improvement in the upcoming weeks (months? Yikes!) so keep a look-out for those. Lots of fun!