Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Small Gift Gallery

First of all, my friend Rachel has a fun button obsession so I thought I'd make her a button covered Christmas tree. (Thank you, Mom, for the helpful suggetions and to Grandma for the antique and semi-antique buttons). I can tell she liked it. It's the first thing you see walking into her home.
I used Angie's Knifty-Knitter looms by Provo Craft to make my kids warm hats to match their Christmas coats. I made this...for myself! My second ever attempt at fake floral arranging. I couldn't have done it without your suggestions, Angie!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Crafts

Here are the Christmas craft gifts that I made. I made this Coke apron for my Sister-in-law, Sydney who has a Coke kitchen. Cami helped me make this necklace and earrings for my beautiful niece, Natisha.
I don't usually make Christmas gifts, but this was really fun!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Crafts to Give

Ok! Here is a sampling of projects I made and have given away. The only thing missing is the collection of doll clothes my mom and I made for my daughter and an apron for my Grandma. I'll get some up soon.
First up, my SIL's and I decided to give my MIL a break for Christmas (meaning we took Christmas dinner over). With this as our inspiration, my SIL, Karamie, made a beautiful table spread.
Next, my winter 2008 obsession is hats and scarves. As I have recently learned to crochet, I was very inspired to make this hat/scarf set for my trendy SIL , Sally. To complete it (and to add a bit off fun to the aqua) I added a bright red felt flower pin. (See here for more info.) This is what the pin looks like up close:
For my FIL, who came to stay with us for Christmas, a "golden plates" tie tack made with sculpy clay. The kids also made hot dogs, a Christmas tree, and some tacks.
For my MIL and SIL who were also with us on Christmas, a hat and glove set (think $1.49 each at target!) Adorn it with a colorful felt in, and you have a fashionable accessory set!
For the newly wed cousin who loves to cook, a sweet new apron, paired of course with a church cookbook (not pictured) and some crocheted dish cloths (also not pictured-but will have to in the future-love them!).
And, last but not least, for the little princess cousin: her very own doll, Nora. This pattern came from The Black Apple and you can get your very own FREE pattern here (You can also buy them on Etsy.)

Phew! Christmas was super busy and I'm glad it's done for another year! I'll be on the lookout for some fun Valentine-themed projects and any great ideas for that special holiday (both husband and family related)

I hope each of you had a Merry Christmas!