Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scapbooking Styles.... scrapbook a page CONTEST!!!

Okay, so we've established that I love to "scraplift" but today I want to talk about scrapbooking styles.

Everyone has a different style of scrapbooking. I like a lot of different styles and I like my pages to all be unique. So, I thought it would be fun to scrapbook 3 different styles using 1 sketch.

So, here's the sketch that I chose.  If you would like some great sketches, here is a link to 40 sketches on Creating Keepsakes.

The first layout that I did was a CLASSIC/SIMPLE look.  It has a lot of simple lines and clean edges.  You will see patterned paper, but you will also see a lot of matted photos.  You will also see rounded corners.

The 2nd layout that I did was a FUN & FUNKY style.  With fun and funky you see a lot of torn edges.  A lot of sewing on the pages and fun stuff like felt, fabric, ribbon, etc.  Thanks to my mom for letting me raid her stash of felt that I think she's had since the 70's.  I got some really fun colors that you can't buy any more.
My 3rd style was FASHION.  Fashion is the style that you will find the most in scrapbooking magazines.  Fashion uses a lot of fun patterned paper, ribbon, flowers and bling.

I can't tell you how much fun I had scrapbooking all 3 of these layouts in 3 different styles.  It was fun to use the same sketch... and it also shows that a sketch is just a guideline to get you started on your page.  As you can see, I used the sketch in different ways each time.

So, on to my CONTEST!  I would like to scrapbook a page for YOU!!!  All you have to do is leave a COMMENT about the scrapbook style that you use or which of my layouts you like the most.  Leave your comment by the end of the week.  On Monday I put everyone's name that left a comment in a hat.  Whoever gets their name drawn out will get a page scrapbooked by ME!  That's right, I will scrapbook a 2 page layout for YOU!   Doesn't that sound nice to have someone take a little of the load off your shoulders.  

Also, don't forget about our GIVE-AWAY!!! We would like to see some of your scrapbook pages.  Just send them to twiddle-thumbs@rocketmail.com


Monday, May 11, 2009

This and That

I am a social and chronological srapbook. Basically, most of my scrapbooking gets done at crops or other craft gathering. Thus far, I've also been a straight chronological scrapbooker. I start with January and go through December. I get all the holidays, birthdays, camping trips, vacations, etc. but not so much of the little things like where we like to shop, silly habits and quirks of family members and the like. I also don't do a book for each of my kids (Shock! What a bad mom!!) I don't do any other sort of mini album either. Well, once I did a mini book of a vacation my husband and I took together but I swear-nothing else. It's always confused my simple mind to do anything different. Now that my kids (and me too) are getting older, I'm thinking of changing my ways a little, but more on that another day. For now here is my basic process. This is what I will probably never change.
I scrapbook the traditional way with printed pictures, paper and embellishments bought at a craft store, adhesives and trimmers. I love it. It's like putting a puzzle together. As soon as I pull out an envelop of pictures, I immediately separate them into smaller stacks like the first day of school, swimming lessons, etc. Next I take the top stack (remember-I'm obsessive about going in chronological order) and lay all the pictures out to narrow down my choices.
As soon as my pictures have been picked, I hit the books. I have three books I consistently use: Becky Higgins Sketch Book (the first one), Easier-than-Ever scrapbooking (Creating Keepsakes), and Imagine (Close to My Heart). I also have some templates I bought at a Making Memories warehouse sale that I love.
I always have to sketch out my layout, even if the book is there. I'm a guidelines kind of gal. I like the look of a page, but don't want to be influenced to much be someone else's designs and tastes. I've also found after using these things for a few years, there are a few layouts I use over and over like the one below. I finally had the courage to tweak my standard 6 (4 x 6) pictures to fit 4 vertical ones and one horizontal. And thanks to my "imagine" book, I've also been more courageous in learning to use patterned paper in different ways.
Which is my next step after sketching. I usually find my patterned paper and build my cardstock choices around that.
Then the fun part-making all that work come to life. I'm not huge on embellishments, but sometimes I'll issue myself a challenge like using my stash of stickers, flowers, etc or trying something new like chipboard or buttons. It keeps it fun and interesting.
(Sorry about this one-blogger kept turning the orientation on this photo. I'll keep working on it.)
(Same with this one. Sorry again.)
You'll notice something missing from both layouts. Journalling. Never been too good at getting it done. I'm working on it. :)