Friday, December 27, 2013

Dad's Craft, too!

Hey, blogger land!  Long time no see!  Maybe we'll start posting here again.  I'm feeling nostalgic for traditional blogging. :)

This Christmas our family was surprised by not one, but TWO homemade gifts.  From our Grandpas.  Awesome!

The first is this plaque my father-in-law made for each family of his favorite saying.  Not only is it beautiful, but also sentimental.  He made it from a walnut tree cut down from his Mom's historical home in Manti, Utah.  I love sentimental gifts.

The second was the big shocker.  My dad made each of us our own walking stick.  My dad hardly does his own Christmas shopping let alone MAKE his own gifts.  He found these great sticks on different camping trips/outings with my mom and their friends.  He did all the work, including almost all of the bead work.  (My mom did have to show him how to do the beads. :) He was so excited to show us how unique each stick was and the beauty of each piece of wood.

Dads really are the best. :)