Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chipboard Album

As mentioned, I am in a crafting rut right now. So, I've kind of halted all projects until something comes up. However, with the school year coming to an end, I thought I would put together a mini album for my 4 year old's first year of preschool. I had purchased this chipboard album at a garage sale for $1 and I had an 8x8 paper pad of some fun paper that I wanted to use up. My little boy was out of town for a week staying with his cousin so I thought I'd get it done for him while he was gone.
I used the biggest Zig glue pen that they make to adhere the paper, photos and all embellishments to the album. I used Maya Mists, paint, rub-ons, etc. It turned out cute! He loves it and I'm glad he's home from his cousins. -Anisa

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bathroom Make-over Part 1

I have long been a huge fan of Becky Higgins and all of the scrapbooking glory that comes with her.  (Especially since she is the one who introduced me to the idea of sketching first!)  She has also shared lots of inspiration for other projects with me and hundreds upon hundreds of other fans, including spray painting ordinary, neutral-colored decor bright friendly colors. 

I have these cute frames that I love.  (Purchased at Tai Pan Trading a few years ago for about $3 each)

They were so pretty against the green wall in my last house, but against the very light tan wall in our current house, they just get lost.  I've been dying to try the spray paint thing.  This seemed like the perfect project for this, but just couldn't justify the $5 per can price for the colors I wanted.  Since, they're just small frames, I hit my local Robert's Arts and Crafts and picked up a few bottles of acrylic paint (on sale!) in the perfect colors. Once home, I gathered a few other supplies and got to work.

After a little sanding, my frames were ready to paint.  My original thought was to do 2-3 coats of paint and then sand.  One coat in, I was smitten with the washed looked it had.  I thought it would be perfect in my Hawaiian-inspired bathroom.  When my one coat was dry, I did do a little sanding.  The blue frame really needed it and just made the frames stand out a bit more overall.  Here's the finished project:

(Sorry for the glare!)

I'm excited for the next one on the bathroom to-do list and will share when it's completed.