Friday, January 29, 2010

Cozy Car Caddy by Jill

We love getting all sorts of ideas from craft blogs everywhere to make for our families. When I saw the cute Cozy Car Caddy on homemade by jill (click link for her tutorial). I knew I'd be making it for my three-year-old. Being the least skilled at sewing of the three of us, I felt this was something I could handle. Here's my version:
The changes/shortcuts I took were these:
  • I used a double layer of regular quilting cotton as I didn't have any duck fabric on hand.
  • I used foam stamps instead of the stencil intending to paint over them again, but I liked the faded look of one layer of paint a lot and kept it that way.
  • I didn't 'get' the Velcro closure part and so I used a ribbon folded over to make a loop and placed a button on the back. My little boy likes to button his own buttons now so this is perfect.
This is going to be ideal for taking in the car or for quiet time in church (if boys can really be quiet playing cars in church). Now my eight year old wants one. I'd like to make a My Little Pony version for my little girl, but time will tell if that materializes. Here's the very happy recipient. I don't know how he's survived these two days (though it just took two hours of those two days) to make this.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's New Out There?

I've had a great time perusing the craft blogs that we follow regularly.
It was so much fun, in fact, that it left me wondering...
What Else Is Out There?
Naturally, there's no way for one (or two or three) people to discover all the cool crafting blogs out there.
Leave a link (or two or three) of your favorites out there in the blog-o-sphere, even if it is someone we already have in our sidebar.
If YOU have a craft blog, promote away!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Get Down with Scrapbooking: Fun Times!

We had so much fun at the charity crop this weekend!
Here is Anisa with her sister-in-law Shelly.

Angie definitely accomplished the most, finishing the most layouts of the three of us.
Me (Cami) and my mom, Cindy

The food and people involved were amazing.

Anisa taught a class on making an acrylic mini-album that brought in more money for the foundation. She did an awesome job designing it and putting all the supplies together.
We took a group photo too late in the game. Many had already left and I was sad we didn't have the benefit of natural lighting. Here we are anyway...

We left already looking forward to next year!!!

Get Down with Scrapbooking: Before the Crop

What: Get Down with Scrapbooking, a crop with procedes going to the Utah Down-Syndrome Foundation
When: January 22nd and 23rd 2010
Where: Jefferson Place Club House Sandy, UT
Why: to help the Utah Down Syndrom Foundation in a small way in support those families affected by Down Syndrome by raising funds while having FUN

Get Down with Scrapbooking was started by Marlene Kinikini with her husband's support to give back to the Foundation that had so helped their family. (BTW, Marlene is Angie's cousin)

Anisa, Angie and I asked to help out for this year's event. What a priviledge and joy it was for us to be part of this.

The set-up:

Silent Auction bidding goodies: