Monday, January 25, 2010

Get Down with Scrapbooking: Fun Times!

We had so much fun at the charity crop this weekend!
Here is Anisa with her sister-in-law Shelly.

Angie definitely accomplished the most, finishing the most layouts of the three of us.
Me (Cami) and my mom, Cindy

The food and people involved were amazing.

Anisa taught a class on making an acrylic mini-album that brought in more money for the foundation. She did an awesome job designing it and putting all the supplies together.
We took a group photo too late in the game. Many had already left and I was sad we didn't have the benefit of natural lighting. Here we are anyway...

We left already looking forward to next year!!!


Anisa said...

Love the posts... apparently I need to check our blog more often:) If I would have known you were taking pictures of me, I would have put some make up on!

LoveMyDay said...

It was really fun! I'm still amazed at all the goodies we received! So awesome! I can't wait til next year. It was awesome to me the other 2/3 of Twiddle Thumbs....Anisa thank you for taking this fish out of water into your midst! You made my year! I'm still hoping you'll actually taking me with you to the conventions :)