Friday, January 29, 2010

Cozy Car Caddy by Jill

We love getting all sorts of ideas from craft blogs everywhere to make for our families. When I saw the cute Cozy Car Caddy on homemade by jill (click link for her tutorial). I knew I'd be making it for my three-year-old. Being the least skilled at sewing of the three of us, I felt this was something I could handle. Here's my version:
The changes/shortcuts I took were these:
  • I used a double layer of regular quilting cotton as I didn't have any duck fabric on hand.
  • I used foam stamps instead of the stencil intending to paint over them again, but I liked the faded look of one layer of paint a lot and kept it that way.
  • I didn't 'get' the Velcro closure part and so I used a ribbon folded over to make a loop and placed a button on the back. My little boy likes to button his own buttons now so this is perfect.
This is going to be ideal for taking in the car or for quiet time in church (if boys can really be quiet playing cars in church). Now my eight year old wants one. I'd like to make a My Little Pony version for my little girl, but time will tell if that materializes. Here's the very happy recipient. I don't know how he's survived these two days (though it just took two hours of those two days) to make this.


Jill said...

really cute! good job. :)

JulieChats said...

How cute! Just got a table set up in my laundry room so I can dig out my sewing machine & dust it off after 5 yrs in storage. Maybe this should be my first project, Jake would love it for his Cars!

Anisa said...

Is this what you did while quarantined with strep throat? I get to make a tooth monster today:)