Friday, April 3, 2009

Crayon Rolls

Several months ago when I was first discovering the joys of craft blogs, I came across Skip to My Lou and her super-cute (and very easy-dare I say beginner easy?) idea for a crayon roll. I'm always looking for fun new things like that to keep my kiddies entertained, especially things that help them stay quiet at places like the doctors office, church, etc. I also liked the idea of making one for each of my kids to eliminate the inescapable fighting-over-the-crayons that always happens at church. Here's the one I did for my little all-star:
The girls' rolls are still in process. I'll update with pics when I get them finished.
In the meantime, if you want to make some for your own kiddos, click here or here for some great, easy tutorials.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

When crafts go toooo far!

Sometimes we just get in the mood to craft.  So we think up things to craft that don't need to be crafted.  My brother once learned how to crochet, so he made his wife a bikini....
Maybe sometimes just a plain old t-shirt is a better idea. Do you have an obsession with scrapbooking and the way cute patterned paper?  I know I do.  But do we take it a little too far sometimes.... come on, who needs a scrapbooked chair? Happy April Fools Day!!!  Just thought I'd bring you some of the crafts I've seen that have gone way too far.....

Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting Your Own Work Out There

There are so many opportunities to publish the crafting or scrapbooking that you have done or share your ideas with companies or publications that may or may not be willing to offer you compensation.

Here are a few links, listed in a frustratingly random order:

Lotus Paperie design team opportunity

Scrapbook Design Team Scrapbook Design Team

This link will get you information on how to submit to any of the following publications: Scrapbook Trends magazine, Bead Trends mag, Simply Handmade mag or Cards mag.

Bead Style magazine link

Threads sewing magazine sewing challenge

Creating Keepsakes magazine's latest Calls for Submissions list

Crafts 'n Things accepts entire crafting articles here

It's not hard to do. May be it takes a bit of courage. Go for it! I've been trying to get Anisa to submit her scrapbook pages for years.

(or you could get a photo of your work on here by sending us a digital image through email by April 24th! See right sidebar) --C