Friday, February 20, 2009

Clearly a cute Legacy

Don't forget to check out our HeartFELT giveaway.  There's a link in the sidebar on the right or click here.
I love to scrapbook... it's my passion. And I love all of the cute, trendy things out there.  And I love all the cute girly paper and embellishments.  But alas, I have 3 sons.  So, I made this darling acrylic album of my niece Legacy.  It's for me, not for her.  And I love how it turned out!
Supplies (not inclusive):
patterned paper- basic grey and sassafrass lass.  Ribbon- making memories, american crafts, etc., Acrylic accents- making memories, chipboard accents and other acrylic accents cut from Cricut,  brads, buttons, acrylic paint, stamps, etc.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Heart-FELT Give-Away!

Hey, everybody!
Yesterday was our 50th post! Yay! So far, doing this blog has been as much fun as we hoped. It's also been a lot of work, but totally worth it so--
We felt like it was time to celebrate!
We felt like the best way to celebrate was to have another give-away and we felt that felt was the way to go.
We each made something out of felt and all three items will go to one lucky winner.
Angie made the cute felt flower barrettes, Anisa made the adorable red dress and Cami made the teeny-tiny pin cushion.
To enter the contest, all you have to do is leave a comment telling us one or two of your favorite crafts to do or a craft you'd like to learn to do. It's simple!
One entry per person counts.
The contest will run from today, February 19 to Wednesday, March 4th. All entries must be received by 8 PM MST. The winner will be posted the next morning, March 5th.
Color and design of items subject to change.
Tell all your friends to check us out and enter!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Skirting the issue...

I'm supposed to be posting a seasonal-type craft but Valentines is over.
How about a little self-love and celebration instead?
Despite flunking Mrs. Merrill's Home Economic's class, I finished sewing my first ever clothing item! I made myself a skirt!
I used this pattern:
It turned out well enough, but it may be a titch too small. Time to start running with Angie when the weather is warmer.
Celebrate with me, now!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sock and Glove

The first time I had seen a sock monkey was on Homemade by Jill's blog. She was obsessed with them and promised that they were so easy to make.
While browsing through the local library's craft books, I happened out IT. The book that takes a plain, boring pair of socks and turns them into an adorable little lovey. Sock and Glove. Really, you should check it out just to read it. The author tells how her sock and glove animals came to be in a charming, story-book way. The instructions were simple, easy to follow and illustrated (my favorite).
I had to try one before the book went back to the library. There were flaws, but overall I learned a lot about what I'd do differently next time. I also think using a better quality than dollar-store socks would help. It was fun and my 7-year-old loves her silly new sock monkey

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Wood Craft Classes

My friend Shannon has her dates for her craft classes. These are the crafts for March.
"Lucky"sign $15 Wreath $20 "Just Hatched" chick $13
Class Dates: Tuesday, Feb. 17th 6-9 pm, Thursday, Feb. 19th 6-9 pm, Tuesday, Feb. 24th 6-9 pm, Wednesday, Feb. 25th 6-9 pm, Thursday, Feb. 26th 6-9 pm, Saturday, Feb. 28th 6-9 pm,
Classes are located in South Jordan, UT.
Contact Shannon at
Also, one of our readers, Kristen, sent us a photo of her wood craft for February.
Kristen writes: For this to even look somewhat appealing, is AMAZING!!! Especially since I didn't go to the class, I just picked up the kit and did it at home, with the paint that I had on hand AND I cannot paint, at all...Thank you, I am planning on going to the class this month too!!!
Looking good, Kristen!