Saturday, October 24, 2009

A little bit of decor in my master bath

So I have this fun little alcove in my master bath where the bathtub is. Kinda boring, right? I started with this window that I had purchased for $1 at a yard sale. It was white and I spray painted it black. Kind of a little boring by itself.
I was over visiting Trey and Lucy awhile back and saw this cute idea. And what do you know.... a few weeks later, I found this wreath at a yard sale for $2! I totally knew what to do with that!
On the wall above the towel rack, I was thinking of doing some vinyl of some sort. But you know how much I love wood and all of my wood crafts.... So what I did instead, was I used my Cricut and the Storybook cartridge (which I borrowed from a friend in July and really need to return). I cut the little bird swirly thing out as big as I could do it.... 12x24. Used that as a pattern and cut it out of wood. It's fun to have a nice black silhouette but actually have some dimension to it. By the way, I will be selling these at the Seedlings boutique coming up in a couple of weeks!!! Or, you could buy one from me directly if you're interested, just send me an email at
And here's the semi-final product. I'm thinking it needs a little color, so I'll probably get some ribbon to add to the wreath and what-not. Leave a comment and let me know what you think! -Anisa

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Photo Pendant Tutorial

Start with a small wooden tile or large metal washer...anything flat that could be covered with paper. For this tutorial, I'm just going focus on the wooden tile (purchased at a local craft store). You'll also need it's dimentions later, so measure it. I then painted the tile black. You can leave it the way it is, but painting it a unifying color looks good.Next look on the internet or at your own photos or create something that can be printed. I wanted to make something special for my friend, Ane, so I looked at pictures from New Moon for Jacob Black.Photoshop comes in handy here, but if you don't have it...later. When you open up the photo you want to use, click on the Crop tool. You can set the shape of the crop it will do to the dimentions of your tile (that you measured, remember?) The orange arrow is pointing at this feature.
If you don't have Photoshop, just drag the photo into a Microsoft Word document and play with the size in there till you think it'll be just bigger than your tile.
Print out your picture on regular printer paper and cut it out.
When the paint on your tile is dry, paste the photo onto it.
I used a SMALL bit Ranger Ink's Glossy Accents Clear Dimensional Embellishment, pressed the photo firmly to the tile and wiped away any leaking adhesive coming out of the sides. I put it face down with a weight to keep it flat and left it for several minutes.
At this point, you can attach a bail or some other type of loopy finding on to the back of the tile so that you'll be able to wear it. You'll need a serious glue for this. E6000 was used here.
When the glue is dry, sand the excess paper away.
You can touch up the paint on the sides now or later, if you want. Or you can have a more distressed look.
Personally, I just look in the mirror for a distressed look.
Now it's time to apply the Glossy Accents Clear Dimensional Embellishment. Never shake this stuff. You don't want air bubbles in it. They don't disappear and get trapped over your image. Not a great look.
Slowly let the stuff flow to the tip. I like to outline my tile first then slowly and patiently fill it in.
It is applies very thickly.After it's all filled in, it'll look all hazy like this. It's not ruined, it just needs to dry. Make sure it's level (this would be a good reason NOT to put your loop on the back yet, but mine is propped up on one end to make it lie flat). Now walk away!!! Do not allow yourself to be tempted to test to see if it's dry. The safest bet is leave it alone for the rest of the day and/or night, otherwise your project will be ruined by fingerprints, dents, ripples, etc. When it's done it'll be all shiny and will not crack (like embossing powder).
The shine doesn't show up well, but it's there and it makes all the difference!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Twilight Party

Angie and I had wanted to have a Twilight party since the DVD release back in March and finally made it happen last Friday. If you're going to have a party based on a movie, then you've really got to go all the way with it, right?
We did a lot of prep, too bad we waited til Friday to find out how much fun it was to do it together.
We did a lot of playing around with food and had some fun games.
We made party bags for everyone that included special necklaces (tutorial tomorrow!) that they could wear that night as well as to the midnight showing of New Moon (for which we all had tickets already). It also had mini packages of New Moon edition "Sweetarts," some butterscotch candies (Edward's eyes), a package of "dazzle" gum and a few other things to use for our games.
First, we played Sculptorades (a la Cranium) and it broke the ice for everyone and they had a blast! The prize for the winners was Edward truffle bars. The losers got Jacob truffle bars. We did three rounds of quote chases. (Everyone brought a copy of Twilight). Each time a person found the quote they got a string a fish to represent Charlie, Bella's dad.
We used 12" dowels with clear thread, wire and large Swedish fish. The person that guessed the final quote received a bottle of La Victoria salsa (representing Victoria).

While we watched the movie, we'd occasionally stop it and ask about the differences between the scene just viewed and the book. The first person with the correct answer would receive a small bag of gummy bears representing Emmett Cullen. They would also be able to hold the gorgeous pillow with Edward Cullen's photo printed onto it that Angie made. If, during the movie, you pointed out any additional differences, then you could steal the pillow. That was so much fun! The person holding the pillow at the end of the game got to keep it. Our final game revolved around the food at the party. As stated before, the food was all character based. Each guest was given a blank list where thirteen characters and their corresponding foods could be written down. The person with the most correct answers would win the grand prize of a black scarf made by Cami. The person with the least correct got stuck with a box of Newtons.

(this was pasted to a package of Fig Newtons)

More examples of Twilight related food (keep scrolling for the entire list):

(this was wrapped around a bottle of Dr. Pepper)

Here is the awesome Twilight cake our friend Tiffany did to represent Alice Cullen

The list:
  1. ice-Rosalie Hale
  2. Dr. Pepper-Carlisle Cullen
  3. Popcorn (base)balls-Esme Cullen
  4. Lil' Smokies-Jacob Black
  5. Swedish Fish-Charlie Swan
  6. bread sticks-Bella Swan
  7. Sweet and Sour Chicken-Jessica Stanley
  8. Fig Newtons-Mike Newton
  9. Gummy Bears-Emmett Cullen
  10. Cake-Alice Cullen
  11. White Hot Chocolate-Jasper Hale
  12. La Victoria salsa-James and Victoria
  13. butterscotch disks/apples/cold mint gum-Edward Cullen

One of our guests, Crystal was our big prize winner, snatching up both the Edward pillow and the scarf, but she surpised us, by showing us this amazing Jane cape she made to wear to the New Moon premier. She didn't use a pattern at all. Amazing! We'll have to keep an eye on Crystal's creations!

Happy Twilight!! Come back tomorrow for a movie necklace tutorial (we're wearing ours, if you look closely).

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Attention: Crafters!

We at Twiddle-Thumbs get to be part of a great event happening in January called "Get Down with Scrapbooking." Its an annual crop that benefits the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation. Not only is it a great way to crop the night away, but there are endless chances to give to this wonderful charity. Registration for the event (January 22nd-23rd) will open very soon.

(that's Anisa and me on the far right)

In the mean time, we wanted to give you crafters, our readers, out there the opportunity to donate something fun and wonderful to the event. Whatever you make, what ever you do, can be used as a silent auction or raffle item to bring more money to the UDSF. If you are interested in donating a hand-crafted item, email us at and we'll give you the information you need to do so. You'll also receive a bit of advertising for your Etsy shop or business. All the proceeds go to the Foundation.

(just some of the amazing and fun prizes from last year)

Thanks for reading through this and for reading our blog!

Cami, Angie, and Anisa