Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Attention: Crafters!

We at Twiddle-Thumbs get to be part of a great event happening in January called "Get Down with Scrapbooking." Its an annual crop that benefits the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation. Not only is it a great way to crop the night away, but there are endless chances to give to this wonderful charity. Registration for the event (January 22nd-23rd) will open very soon.

(that's Anisa and me on the far right)

In the mean time, we wanted to give you crafters, our readers, out there the opportunity to donate something fun and wonderful to the event. Whatever you make, what ever you do, can be used as a silent auction or raffle item to bring more money to the UDSF. If you are interested in donating a hand-crafted item, email us at twiddlethumbs@rocketmail.com and we'll give you the information you need to do so. You'll also receive a bit of advertising for your Etsy shop or business. All the proceeds go to the Foundation.

(just some of the amazing and fun prizes from last year)

Thanks for reading through this and for reading our blog!

Cami, Angie, and Anisa

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Sarah said...


I live all the way in Boston but I grew up in Utah and I would donate a piece of my jewelry either from my Etsy shop or something from my collection for a raffle item. This sounds like a wonderful cause! Let me know the details.