Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1 Craft 3 Ways: Little Monsters

I was a little nervous doing something with monsters for October. Not that I'm scared of them. ;) I couldn't think of anything to make that had to do with monsters. Until this morning. My kids and I were hurrying home from running errands so we could play with a little friend of ours. A playdate....hmmmm....(Can you hear the wheels starting to turn?) The light bulb went on-a way to get my craft done and entertain the kids. They would do my monsters for me! Brilliant!
First I had my son and his buddy each draw me a fairly large and simple monster. This is what I got:
Next, I opened my overflowing box of felt scraps and started cutting, sewing, and adjusting as needed.
Let me introduce you to Fire Dragon and Hem:
And Fire Dragon with Hah (Hem's other side):
The boys loved them. Using the kids art work to create crafts was such a fun way to capture their little imaginations for a long time! Ang

I was so excited to do Monsters. I just recently bought monster bedding from Target for my little boy's room. But I hadn't gotten to the decorating part yet. So, I thought I'd do a little paper piecing.... It's not like I haven't done it before! -Anisa

I've got a couple of monster projects going on at the moment, but this is what was done in time for our post today.
Do you remember those ATC cards I mentioned a bit ago, checking for interest? Well I found an excellent site that regularly does card swaps and I joined a few of them. This is my first card for the theme of Monsters. It's a baby monster's first portait. How nice it is to kill two birds with one stone! I might toss another one of my monster-themed crafts onto the blog later this month, but in the mean time, come up with your own! October is an awesome month to immerse yourself in creepy-crawliness. --C

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanksgiving Wood Craft Workshops

I can't believe October is half way over... where has this month gone?

Craft Projects this month.....

Square Wreath: $25. I am so excited about this wreath. I hunted all over trying to find these square wreaths... they are very hard to find. This wreath will make a perfect Christmas gift... get your gifts taken care of early!!! We will cut your vinyl out when you come to the class. You can personalize it with your last name or have it just say welcome. It would look great on the door or on a wreath hanger or hanging in your home. I think I'm making a few for Christmas gifts!!! I will have Black, White, Brown and Cream Vinyl. I have quite a few different paint colors, but if you have something specific you want, bring it. I will also have a few colors of ribbon. Turkey Trio: $8 (sorry I had to up the price a little, but these little guys have the bead board. If you still need the stands they are $3) Thanksgiving Yard Stake: $18 This trio is such a great decoration for Thanksgiving. For those of you who don't do the yard stakes, this will be perfect sitting on a shelf. I will make the sign a little smaller and make a base to put the trio on. It's about 12" tall by 18" wide. Dates: Tuesday, Oct. 20th 6-9 pm Wednesday, Oct. 21st 1-3 pm (I have added a day time class. Please don't bring children unless arranged with me. It will be hard enough with my own kids there, but if we don't have too many kids, I can do it.) Thursday, Oct. 22nd 6-9 pm Wed. Oct. 28th 6-9 pm Just as a reminder, this is how craft class works. I supply all of the wood, paint, brushes, etc. You come and paint your own craft and go home with a finished product. All you need to bring is your money and an apron if you would like:) Please let me know what you would like to make by this FRIDAY... Oct. 16th if at all possible.