Friday, August 14, 2009

Kids Paint/Craft Smock Tutorial

My middle child loves to paint and do all sorts of other wonderful crafts. One problem. He forgets to not only ask, but even tell me that he's doing these things. Needless to say, when his creativity is at work, I'm brushing up on my laundry skills. A few months ago while making this quilt from Little Birdie Secrets tutorial, I was inspired to use a vinyl tablecloth to make paint smocks for my kids. It was SO easy. Supplies: Newspaper Tape (unless your using a Wall Street Journal) Marker 1 Vinyl tablecloth (really only about 1/3-1/2, but who has that laying around?) 2 pkg coordinating bias tape 1 T-shirt Velcro
Lay out your newspaper and tape two pieces together (if necessary) and lay T-shirt flat. Tuck the T's sleeves inside the shirt.
Outline the shirt on the newspaper with your marker. Be sure to account for seams when tracing your shirt. Remember to make the scoop in the front for the neck.
Fold table cloth in half length wise and pin pattern piece on. There should be two identical pieces now.
If you want pockets, cut out a rectangle according to how deep you want your pockets. Lay the T-shirt piece on top and trim the sides to fit.
(Sorry about the sideways picture-blogger did that. It was right in my files)
Now-down to the dungeon where I do all my sewing.
Sew the bias tape across the top of your pocket rectangle. Pin the pocket piece to the shirt piece and baste/sew together using a 1/4 seam allowance.
Determine how many pockets you'd like. Mark how far apart you want them with some pins and sew from the bottom of the pocket to to the top in a straight line.
Take the non-pocket T-shirt piece and cut in half.
Lay the two T-shirt pieces right sides together and pin and shoulders and side seams. Sew using a 1/2" seam.
Pin bias tape around all raw edges and sew. I thought this was going to be difficult on the arm holes, but turned out to be quite easy.
Lastly-add some Velcro to the back for an easy, kid-friendly fastener.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wood Craft Workshops

We had a little bit of chilly weather last week and I couldn't believe that fall was coming yet. Well, it warmed back up, but it is still almost time for fall crafts. So, if you live in the Salt Lake Valley and want to come and craft with me, this months crafts are... Fall Leaf Trio: Leaves-$5, Stands-$3 (I plan on having different toppers for the stands every month) Acorn: $12 Scarecrow Yard Stake: $20 (This guy is HUGE! and so cute. He will look adorable in your yard or stuck in a bale of straw on the front porch) Owl: $15 (can I just say how much I love owls right now! I think this guy is sooo cute. You may paint him fall colors or you could paint him whatever colors you want. I have a lot of paint colors, but if you want specific colors, just let me know. Also, you could make him hanging if you want. Just let me know and I'll round out the bottom a little more.) Class Dates: Tuesday, Aug. 18th 6-9 pm Wed. Aug. 26th 6-9 pm Thurs. Aug. 27th 6-9 pm

Price of wood craft includes wood, paint, and all the supplies that you need to complete the craft. All you need to do is show up (and bring your money:)

-Anisa (