Friday, March 19, 2010

A Button for Punishment

I am a complete novice at jewelery making which leaves me wondering why I keep coming back to it. It's right up there with counted cross-stitch when it comes to fine motor-skill annoyance and crafts from which I get derive no pleasure.

However, I was walking through Joann's fabric store and saw some lovely over-sized buttons and immediately thought of a friend of mine whose birthday is coming up very soon. I thought that she'd really like to be able to wear those cool buttons and my only answer was jewelry.

The buttons were already 50% off so they made a really inexpensive focal point for, say, a necklace. I purchased two and some beads and began to work on them. I started with the prettiest, an ivory-colored button with a flower carved into it. I used silver wire in lieu of thread in the button holes. It was kind of sticking out the back too much so I thought it would help to lightly hammer the wire down.

The button shattered. (I tried to replace the button yesterday, but there were several blank spots in the ivory button racks so think that's a sign that she only needs one necklace from me)

I moved on to the next button and through much trial, error and advice came up with this. I applied a circle of felt with hot glue to the back of the button to cover the wire and keep it comfortable to wear. Despite being completely frustrated with the task, I'm quite happy with the result and hope that my friend likes it as well.


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