Monday, March 15, 2010

My On-Going Project

Ever since we moved into our current home (just over two years ago) I have had a craft room. It's just a non-livable space that the hubby granted to me and I've been really happy about, but it has never been decorated or organized or anything special.
I got tired of that a few months back and have been trying to make it a comfy, cute place where I'm not completely embarrassed to have Angie or Anisa come and craft with me.
It has not been easy.
Little things help, like Anisa recovering a cute chair (here along with a spray paint tutorial) for me and giving me a matching lamp that doesn't fit her decor any longer, but ther real issue is clutter and so much crafty stuff that I don't know what to do with it all! Yikes!
I have before pics that i'm not quite ready to share yet, but here is the first thing I did for my room to add some personality.
I love playing with words so I thought it would be fun to make cross-word puzzle looking wall decor.
I used Making Memory's Simply Fab foam stamps and simple acrylic craft paint. The letters are just under 3" in height, I believe.
I used two pins and a thread with a level to give me a guide to follow and did the long, horizontal phrase first. The rest was just eye-balled.
I love it.
I love it because it didn't cost me anything, but time, as I already had these supplies for scrapbooking.
I love it because it's a piece of me in a room of my very own. How's that Virginia Woolf?
So, I have a lot more that I'm going to be posting about my craft room improvement in the upcoming weeks (months? Yikes!) so keep a look-out for those. Lots of fun!

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