Thursday, January 8, 2009

Valentine Wood Craft Classes

As promised, here are the craft classes that my friend Shannon is offering this month for Valentine Crafts.
"Bee" Mine $15
Wreath $20
Heart Bear $12 (doesn't include green shelf it's sitting on)
The dates are:
Thursday, Jan 15th 6-9 pm
Saturday, Jan 17th 9am-noon
Tuesday, Jan 20th 6-9 pm
Saturday, Jan 24th 9am-noon
Wednesday, Jan 28th 6-9 pm
Here is Shannon's contact info...


Chad and Kristen said...

I am so not talented at painting, but I want to go, thanks for the contact info. I am pretty sure I went to one of her classes back in the day when we were the country crossing 1st ward and she lived in The Bluffs?!?!?! I made a way cute Easter Bunny, I am still so proud that I was able to make that, anyway...Thanks again I am definitely going to a class!!!

Chad and Kristen said...

You girls amaze me with all your creating talents...I would love to see a post on the super cute skirts Ella and Lyndsi have worn to church! I want one for Alyssa!!! way cute, you gals should be in business!!!

Anisa said...

That was Shauna Maddox that did the classes back then. This is Shannon Lewis who is doing them now. She is great to help on the hard parts. I don't know which date I'm going, but I hope to see you there.