Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Cards

Happy Valentines day!! If you are looking for a last minute card idea for your valentine, do I have a great bunch of ideas for you! I recently participated in a card swap through Little Birdie Secrets and got some great cards. (They are currently doing a card contest between their favorites from the card swap and I believe there is still time left to vote. Just remember *wink* that #4 is "always" a good number to vote for.) This is my card: And these are the cards I received: To view all the cards in the swap-check out this flickr group! And, a quick last-minute gift idea for your Valentine: I made this heart out of poster board using the elementary-school method of folding the paper in half and drawing half a heart then cutting through both layers. The trim around the heart is scraps of paper (about 3/4" by 4) folded in half. (For the loopy look, don't crease.) On the inside of each paper is a reason why I love my husband, things I'm grateful he does, and some of my favorite memories we share. I taped each loop shut, adhered them to the big heart with just a glue stick and then made little tape "pillows" to get the kisses and hugs to stay in place. For the center greeting and little hearts, I used my Cricut and a glitter pen. You could easily use stamps, stickers or your own handwriting. Fun, inexpensive, and easy!


Jennie said...

darn. I read this too late. My poor man gets nothing.

rubberbandgirl said...

The cards are so cute!
I LOVE the heart you made for your sweetie! Totally creative!
I'll have to save that for next year.

The Mom said...

That is such a cute idea! So simple, and yet, so meaningful! Reminds me of a project I did for some friends in high school. I called it a "Memory Jar". I bought some cute glass jars from Robert's and filled them scraps of different colors of paper that I wrote memories that applied only to me and those friends. Something they've cherished over the years and continue to randomly pull out and read whenever they need a good laugh! I'll have to remember this one for next year. Also would be good for birthdays and Mother's Day!

Andrea and Grant said...

I got one of your cards (one of my favorites) and you got one of mine (three hearts with pink tissue paper). How fun! Thanks for doing the swap.