Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In like a Lion...

I was contemplating crafts for March and trying to think of some St. Patrick's Day crafts.  Then Cami mentioned that she was sick of clovers... "why can't we do lions and lambs or kites instead."  So, I got thinking about Angie's cute candy hearts and came up with this cute idea for a March craft.  
  These were super easy to make (I'm not sure if my husband would agree) and they were fairly inexpensive.  We bought some wood at Lowe's and my husband used our jig saw to cut out the kites.  We also cut out the little stands.  Then we drilled holes in the bottom of the kites and in the stands to put the wooden dowel in.  I painted, sanded and stained the kites and then just hot glued the ribbons on the back.
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- Anisa

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Angie Maynes said...

Very cute. I might need the pattern for those kites.