Monday, February 23, 2009

Craft: mag

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This is the current issue of Craft Magazine. In this issue is featured instructions to help you creat the perfect mixtape for any party, make a keepsake wedding book, design beautiful invitations and make customized plates and coasters, fancy hats party cakes and cake toppers.



I love this magazine.

I REALLY love this magazine.

Anyone who got me a subscription to this magazine would be my friend for life... ...but I digress.

Craft magazine is so fun.

It is filled with crazy craft ideas.

It has repurposing.

It has tutorials.

It has patterns.

It is never-ending goodness.

It has stuff to make for kids.

It has stuff to make for adults.

It is FULL of stuff to make for adults that think they're still kids.

It is funky and current.

It is always checked out at the library.

It is available for purchase at Hobby-Lobby. Here is a link to their blog: blog craftzine Here is a link to projects on their sight: Projects --C


kirsten said...

Craft magazine is no longer printing issues. they've announced that they're just going to do their website - which is better anyway. it's a fun magazine, but the blog is cooler. i actually cancelled my subscription for that reason.

Twiddle Thumbs admin said...

Good to know. It was too expensive.
Well, enjoy the links, all!