Sunday, May 2, 2010

Scrapbooking Again!!!

So, I had to get a job about 5 months ago. The job is dumb.... I answer phone calls for people who call in to buy stuff from infomercials. But, I get to work from home in my PJ's in my craft room. I can't complain too much. So, for the past couple of months I have been spending my time at work getting ready for the boutique. I have to admit I made everything for the boutique while I was at work. I can even sew on slow nights.
So, after the boutique was over, I found myself a little bored. I haven't quite come up with any projects for myself... yet. So, I decided to catch up on a little scrapbooking.
This layout is a 11x8.5 of my two boys and their "bling" necklaces my dad gave them.
This layout is a 6x6 of my baby at 16 months.
We do have a blog where we post our layouts occasionally. It's called Twiddle Scraps. I may be posting some of my other layouts there, so check it out!!!

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