Friday, April 2, 2010

Routing Wood

I posted about my new router a couple of weeks ago, but it came to my attention that I should tell a little more about routing wood. Keep in mind I am no expert, so if you would like a little more info, you could check out Wikipedia.
I bought my router because I wanted to make decorative edges on wood. I used it to make these photo blocks. I would also like to make my own picture frames some day... another project on my list. To make the groove in the back of the wood for the glass to fit into, you need a router. Basically a router has several different bits. Here is a picture of some of the designs that you can make with a router.
My brother also made it to use some shelves... he needed to make a groove in the wood for the bead board to slip into. It has come in quite handy around here.
So, here is the router that I bought at Home Depot. The rep for the company happened to be in the store that day and he helped me pick out the right router. I was just going to buy the router, but he suggested I get the table... I don't know how I would have been able to route the wood without the table. Basically a router has a bit in it similar to a drill bit..... it turns around and as it turns, it cuts the wood. With the table, you just slide the piece of wood along the router bit... and the table has guides to keep it straight. It is very easy to use..... and very messy. My husband showed me how to hook up the shop vac to it so that it sucks up the sawdust as you're routing... very loud, but much less messy.
It is very quick and very easy to use. I would recommend this router/table combo to anyone. I hope I answered any questions that you may have...stay tuned for my cake platter that I made with my router as well. -Anisa

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AJ and Kandice said...

I love my router! Okay, it's my dad's, but I'm the only one that uses it! I started making picture frames this winter and a router is definitely the only way to go! I haven't used it for anything else, but I'm sure you'll make some cool stuff! Good luck!