Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two Cute Skirts

I've got a couple of cute skirts for the little girls in your life. Although, you could easily alter either for a mom-size version if you wanted.
The first is a twirly skirt designed by my friend Toni. She said she was happy to share the directions here with all of you. How cute would this look with some calf length leggings and a t-shirt with a big floofy flower pin or hair accessory?! (Yes I like to make up words. And spellings.)
To make this, first take the circumference of your little gal's waist and times it by 2. This will give you the width for the top of the skirt.
Cut 16 triangles out of 4 different fabrics. (I opted to 3-it's not quite as fluffy, but I couldn't find a matching 4th piece )
To figure out your triangles: waist x 2 (40 inches for me). Divide by 16 (number of triangles). This will give you the top measurement of your triangles. (Sophie's was 2.5 inches) The times that by 3 for your bottom width (7.5 here). Confused? It's okay. Keep reading. It'll make sense.
The length is up to you. I wanted my skirt to hang to the knees, so I did 12 inches.
Now that we know the size of our triangle-we're ready to cut! I started by cutting out rectangles 12 inches (my length) by 7.5 (my width).
Next I marked off the top of the triangle at 2.5 and 5.
Cutting from the top markings to each corner will give you your triangle.
Sew your triangles together to make your skirt. (Optional: surging or doing a French seam will give you a nice clean look.)
Round the corners of your skirt so you don't have points on the bottom. Hem as usual. (Toni did a rolled hem on hers.) Now set aside.
Then make your waistband by measuring the new width from the top of skirt. Cut that length by twice the width of your elastic. Be sure to add a little extra to sew waistband to skirt!
Sew the ends of your waistband together to make a tube. Fold in half WRONG sides together. Pin to skirt.
Sew waistband on. Leave an opening to add elastic. Thread elastic through, sew edges together and top stitch to finish off.
This was a fun project and a great way to use some fun fabrics from my stash! Feel free to email questions to
Skirt #2 is from Make It and Love It and featured on U Create. My soon-to-be 2nd grader and her BFF will be wearing these the first day of school. Get the free tutorial here. You could also combine the two skirts and make this one.
Is there a support group for skirt addicts? I am LOVING this!


TheDullCPA said...

You are very talented ladies, I am glad to see you using your talents and sharing with the world. The skirts are awesome.

Kari @ Ucreate said...

Sign me up for that support group! They are so much fun to make! Good thing I have three little girls.