Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Filling in the Blanks

One thing the 3 of us here have in common is a shared passion for scrapbooking. I'm not great at getting the journaling done on every page, but I love that I can have it as a source to give more depth to the pictures. There are little things that don't always make the pages of the family album, though, especially for me being the mom. I hardly ever get out from behind the camera, and subsequently the focus remains largely on my kids. Blogging has helped me some. I get quick funny little things or thoughts written, share a favorite recipe etc. But, I want more. My kids will want more. If not them, then probably their kids. I found some great helps from Creating Keepsakes personality-Becky Higgins. She's got some great "fill in the blank" pages on her website for both teens and adults. (Click here.) It's a great way to round out the family history portions of scrapbooking. I also snuck some pictures of these layouts my cousin did of our Grandma M. and some of her most popular recipes. Another fun addition to a family book! (Thanks Marlene!)

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rubberbandgirl said...

This is really neat.
I like it!