Friday, April 10, 2009

Novelty Easter Earrings

I felt like being a bit silly about the Easter holiday so I decided it would be fun to make a pair of carrot earrings to wear during our Saturday egg hunting celebration.
(This photo isn't the best. My camera was stolen Wednesday night.)
I conditioned a lump of orange oven-bake clay, divided into two identical egg shapes, put a tiny streak of yellow in them and gently rolled them into a carrot shape. I lightly scored the outside to imitate the outside texture of a carrot with a paper piercing tool. I used that same tool to form a deep hole at the top of the carrot for the greenery.
To make the green carrot top I took a small bit of clay and rolled it into a tube. I sliced it down the middle, length-wise, stopping half-way down. I pressed those halves flat with the same Super Slicer I used to slice the clay. I crudely tore away the edges of the flattened clay which imitated the lacy carrot greenery. Then I inserted the unsliced portion of the tube and placed inside the hole at the top of the carrot. I added a looped pin into the carrot and added a hook earring piece to that.
There you go! Silly earrings that only a crafter could love.


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