Monday, April 20, 2009

Hooded Towels

A few years ago my mom bought my two oldest boys hooded towels.  One was Elmo and one was Diego.  Now that they are older, they have been fighting over the Diego towel... they're both too old for Elmo.
I was tired of all the fighting, so I went in search of a Hooded Towel Tutorial.  There were a lot of them out there on the web, but THIS tutorial on It's Sew Sweet was by far the easiest.
I bought very neutral TAN towels and made two hooded towels for $8.  I opted for no decorative trim because they are boys and wouldn't care about the decorative trim.  They were so excited that I made the towels for them and they love them!  
The only problem is that I only made two... and I have 3 boys!  I guess I need to make one more.


Logan and Sydney said...

I think that I will make these for my friend's baby shower.

Anisa said...

They were totally easy and two of them took me about 45 minutes.

Quoizel said...

Thanks for the great idea.