Monday, March 9, 2009

Recycled China

I love china! I love how delicate it looks and all the different designs. I think it's sad that most people don't receive china as a wedding gift any more...well, at least not where I'm from.

I loved this craft idea! Taking flea market china plates and adding words (I love words more than I love crafts) is genius! Here is the link to this project on

This gives me a great reason to pull out some mismatched plates and get 'em up on a wall.


Liberty Williams said...

Oh my GOSH I totally love this idea! How fun! I always see lot's of old china at DI and wonder what I can do with it! Give me some time and I will do this craft!

Anisa said...

I saw an idea the other day on a blog where a lady spray painted her plates... that way if you're having a hard time finding enough that match, you could totally do it. Just primer them first!!!