Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekly Discovery

***Make sure you visit us tomorrow for our 40th post and a GIVE-AWAY!!!*** My discovery is this book by Julie Armstrong Holetz. This book uses 'uncommon' threads such as kitchen twine and sisal as well as other natural fibers like wool and cotton to create functional decor and cute bags, etc. I made a bud vase for my daughter's room using this book with some poly-twine that I bought at Lowe's Home Improvement for 97 cents. I realize that this is not a natural fiber (it did slip quite a bit), but it was a fun material to use. Here are the shots of my handiwork. The patterns were simple, the projects fun and the photography was great. This is a book I would purchase (I found it at the library). --C

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Anisa said...

That's totally cute. You might have to make me one for my scrapbook room... or teach me how to crochet?