Monday, January 13, 2014

American Girl Fashion Show

We are an American Girl family.  All three of my girls have dolls from this company.  I even have one.  We love them dearly.  What we don't love are the prices for the clothes, so with three girls worth of dolls to dress, I have to really pull out the creativity.  Thankfully patterns are cheap and easy to come by.  So here are the doll clothes they received this Christmas.

Daughter #1 is a bit of a fashionista these days so her dolls were gifted accordingly.  :)
 (bought the lace leggings and silver belt at a local doll shop)

 A last minute, late night creation adapted from a doll t-shirt pattern I found via Pinterest.  The leggings took me a couple of tries, mostly because it was way too late when I started. ;)

In our family, our kids draw names and then make something for their person.  My son insisted on sewing something for his sister, and this is what he chose.  He did almost all the sewing not to mention helped with the cutting and picked out the fabric.

He also make this cute baking set (along with some polymer clay gingerbread men).

This is my refashion.  I took an older sweater of mine and used a pattern from a Joan Hinds book.  My cute mother-in-law was so excited that I had made something new from my old clothes. 

Daughter #2 is in the Spanish Dual Immersion program at her school. My friend has a daughter in the same class.  We found the original patterns for the Josephina clothes on American Girl Playthings.  

For the shoes, I used a doll slipper pattern and added a blanket stitching around the edges to give it a slightly handcrafted look.  I wasn't thrilled with the final product, but she loved them all the same.

Josephina's Christmas dress.  My sweet mother-in-law made this one for me.  

Daughter #3 received the Bitty Twins. I made some pajamas for them and little "lovies," but that's a post for another day.  


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