Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pony Pattern Review

I bought this simplicity pattern a few months ago for the stuffed elephant on it.

My son has a best buddy named Stinky who is an elephant and apparently, according to my little guy, in desperate need of a brother. I was planning on making one for them for Christmas. Well, life got in the way. Then my oldest daughter's birthday rolled around and as luck would have it I was going to be out of town on her special day. Being a mom, I couldn't not leave something for her, but I was trying to stick to a tight budget I'd set for myself. I found all the supplies for the horse in my scrap box.

I'm not sure this would be a great pattern for someone who's never worked with a pattern before. BUT-If you have used patterns before, it's not too bad. I did go slow to eliminate any unnecessary seam ripping (which you know happened anyway). I changed two things, though.

1-Instead of faux fur for the mane and tail, I stitched on yarn hair. (I actually like it much better, but both ways are cute.)

2-I added some free-handed embroidery on the hind quarter. It turned out nothing like I imagined, but I like it anyway. :) This pattern has 3 different animals and I have 3 kids. Hmm...they all may be getting one for their birthdays this year!!


Lucashell said...

that is so freaking cute... OH my gosh I really want to make one for my daughter...

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

that is so cute! I might just hire you to make me one! :)

Liberty Williams said...

Love the horse - I'm going to have all these little homemade animals and no kids to play with them. ;)