Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wearing Art

My little girl has been drawing this simple flower and variations of such since she was four.

I found them immediately appealing and so cute. I encourage all my children to draw a lot and this is the first image I feel like she invented as part of her budding signature drawing style. To me it's very cool and I thought she'd really like it if I embroidered her 'pinwheel flowers' onto a shirt for her. She most definitely does!

I couldn't resist doing one for myself.

I tried to keep the look in line with a child's crayon drawing.

I just used three-ply embroidery floss and a back stitch. Here's a brief explanation of how a back stitch is created:

To start this stitch bring the thread up from the back of the fabric on the line that you want to create. Make a small backward stitch through the fabric. Bring the needle through the fabric a little in front of the first stitch and still on the line. Pull the thread through the fabric. Make the second stitch backward, bringing the needle out a little in front of the second stitch and still on the line. Repeat this movement and continue sewing in such a manner along the line. (I got this explanation here)


Anisa said...

Love it!!!

Liberty Williams said...

That is so CUTE! Now this I can do asap! I have everything to do it. Thanks for this thuper cute idea!