Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fluff and Stuff for little Girls

My kids had a birthday party to attend the other day for a little friend of ours. Ever since I've dived more heavily into crafting, I hate buying store-bought presents. Especially since you can't get much for the amount I'm willing to spend. The little girl was having a costume party to celebrate and that gave me an idea. Being newly 5 she's into all things princess-y and girly. I found this cute wand (with an easy-to-follow tutorial) at Little Birdie Secrets and knew I was onto something. If a princess has a beautiful wand, what else does she need to go with it? A beautiful fluffy tutu of course! (Tutorial coming soon!) A few dollars at hobby lobby and a couple of hours later I had dress-ups made for the princess that she is-a curly ribbon wand, fluffy tutu, and with my extra curls I was able to pull a cute little korker bow together. Sigh...I love crafting.

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CourtneyKeb said...

SO much fun!
Come on Ma' you didn't make yourself a matching set? ;)