Saturday, August 29, 2009

Seed Beads

We didn't receive any seed bead projects from our readers this month, but we hope you'll join us in next months' challenge! Below are some beautiful items I found on (complete with link to seller) that use seed bead in wonderful ways. Seller's link here Seller's link here Seller's link here Seller's link here

I began using seed beads on a canvas bag I've been embroidering and I used them on this scrapbook page about my daughter's newly-discovered love of beading.

Hey, speaking of scrapbooking...

Did you notice our new links section (to the right) that puts blogs for specific craft types in to various categories? Well, under the Scrapbook and Photography Inspiration is a link to Twiddle-Scraps. Click on it (or here) and you'll be transported to a gallery of our personal scrapbook pages that you can scroll through for ideas on scrapbooking your own photos and memories. Check it out!

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