Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Practically Cute

Practically meaning practical. My little family has a BIG road trip planned soon. I've been a little nervous as it's just me and my man and 3 kids 7 and under-no grandparents or other babysitter type help. All summer I've been thinking of what to do to make the long hours in the car happy ones. Three of three little monkeys like to color. So I thought I'd do something practical like this: that they can use as a little lap table for their travel projects.

But, how could I leave that sad little thing so plain? I couldn't, so with Pride and Prejudice on my ipod and a few hours to myself....

So much better. Practical and cute! I love what a little Mod Podge, paint and paper can do. the kids have seen these and love them. The best part is they can be simple like this or go crazy with embellishments. This just worked well for us. (I did not want to take the blame for a flower-rubbing on a Darth Vader picture if ya know what I mean!)


Meka said...

I love this idea, so cute and thrifty! Can't wait to make one! Thanks!

Kara said...

hello!! i think that i am your sender for the 'my mama made it' swap!

please email me at with some fun things that you like, and your mailing address!!

kara :]

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

Love it! Very cute idea and one that I could actually do! I'm going to do it! Ha!