Friday, June 19, 2009

Waterproofing My Kids

My family has been planning an awesome road trip for the end of summer. Two weeks on the road, DVD players, salty sea air, fresh fish, GORGEOUS scenery, and rain. The problem? We're desert dwellers. With the exception of the strange rainy season Salt Lake just experienced, we don't do rain. Not that we don't like it. We do. We just have no protection from the wetness besides an umbrella (or rain-brella as my 2-year-old calls it). As our vacation has a great possibility of being damp for a good portion of the time, I figured my kids will need rain jackets. Luck was on my side. I found these adorable little rain coats at Target (on clearance even!). I got them home and made my kiddos try them on immediately. Sadly, the jackets were too short in the sleeves on two of my 3 kids. Here's how I solved my problem for about $1 per jacket. The jacket: I bought 2 different colors of ribbon (by the yard-1 1/2" wide on both pieces). Measure around the cuff of the sleeve and add a little for your seam.** Since I was using 2 pieces of ribbon, I glued them together using my favorite glue, E6000. Starting at the inside seam of the sleeve, I glued the ribbon all the way around. Add a little embellishment. That's it. When I showed my hubby after one sleeve, he didn't realize I was showing him the "finished" side. He was amazed. (And why shouldn't he be?? ;) ) The best part is it fits her!! **To give your grosgrain ribbon a finished look on the raw edges, I used a propane lighter (like the ones for your grill) to burn the edge. No more fraying!

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