Friday, May 8, 2009

How I Scrap: Thrifty to a Fault

How I pull my layouts together can vary: scraplifting, a bit of inspirations from a magazine or simply working with my pictures (I really like lining everything up with perfect margins between photos), but one thing I'm very consistent about is trying to get the most bang for my buck.

There was a time that I bought more scrapbooking items than I ever used. I think I've been trying to make up for that ever since, forcing myself, if possible, to USE MY STASH! I keep scraps (in rainbow ordered file folders) and "outdated" papers and embellishments, sure that I'll use them some day.

Although I do often de-junk my collection, Anisa teases me a lot about what I hang on to. Yet for all her teasing, sometimes I really have the perfect thing for her on one of her layouts that is OLD (and as you know, that's about 9 months for scrapbook trends).

Here's some of my favortie thrify tricks:

  • use parts of the patterned paper as accents

I don't mind the sometimes painstaking process of cutting out tiny flowers or swirls, stars or flourishes to layer over my photos (also a great way to cover up problems in photos).

  • edit photos

I edit most all of my photos with Photoshop Elements before printing them. Doing this makes me happier with my scrapbook pages and I'm not disappointed in the lack of other decor. Again, it's work, but the results are so nice. Totally worth it!

  • plain white cardstock is your friend

White cardstock can be transformed into just about anything. You can print on it. You can use it for photo mats. You can use it as a background and it goes with nearly everything (and when it doesn't you can ink it, chalk it, paint it). The possibilities are endless. It can be purchased in large packages from warehouse clubs like Sam's Club.

See how these simple white cardstock rings make this page come together.

As far as my style goes, it does vary, but mostly I like to take a lot of pictures, so I scrapbook a lot of pictures. I still use the 8 1/2" x 11" pages because I have a lot of cardstock that size to use up, but I do use a 12x12" album for our family vacation and Christmas albums.

Journaling is very important to me. Even on repetitive subjects (Easter, Halloween, first days of school) I try to put in a special tidbit of my own to help the kids know things about me or their dad or the families we came from). I view scrapbooks as ties to the past and the future and I want to put it all in there, in words. I used to use my computer to print nearly all my journaling (hey free fonts! ), but I'm quite satisfied with my own handwriting and use it for the most part.


Anisa said...

That was an awesome post! I hadn't seen a lot of those cute pages. Love the white ring page.

Anisa said...
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