Friday, February 6, 2009

Pins and Needles

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I have been on pins and needles wanting to share these adorable bottle-top pin cushions.

They are made with felt, embroidery floss and the tops of plastic bottles (water and soda pop). They are totally fun and quick to make and they are very handy while sewing. They are also very tiny. I love them! I think you'll love them, too, and they're going to be part of another give-away coming up in the near future.
I put magnets in a few of them so they can stick to a sewing machine. However, if you don't sew, they can be used on your refrigerator.
See tutorial here.


Anisa said...

They keep getting cuter and cuter.

FYI all you crafters out there. I saw an idea where you make pin cushions for your sewing machine needles out of the type of fabric the needle is for. i.e. a heavy machine needle would be made out of denim. I think that would work well for these little pin cushions.

Auntie ANut said...

I love these and I plan on making a bunch of these. You guys are doing some really great ideas. Thanks!

Logan and Sydney said...

They are so cute! They look like little cupcakes!