Monday, December 8, 2008

Martha Stewart

First off, I am not a huge MS fan, but-that said- I do like some of her ideas. Some favorites are the glittery pumpkins and a baby quilt made of mens dress shirts. When I discovered these I discovered something else as well. Something I love. She has a new craft project for every day of the week!!! Do you know what that means????? No more crafters block! Wahoo!!! (Not that I'm having any of that...) Click here to go see for your selves all the wonderful things there are to create! Have fun, but don't stay up too late. :) And I will leave you with something to pamper yourselves with, snowballs



rubberbandgirl said...

That blue is definitely my favorite Christmas color.
Thanks for the tip!

Karamie said...

Love all the ideas-wow!!!-I'll be trying several of them and checking Twiddle Thumbs often-love the title by the way:)

KarsonK2 said...

not a big fan of Martha either but these crack me up ... it was a Martha joke that went around about the time she was serving her prison sentence:

You have to scroll to the second to the last post to see the photo.