Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekly Discovery- Silhouettes

On Mondays we are going to start a new feature called "Weekly Discovery." We will highlight a product or idea the we find on the web, in a book, magazine, etc. Our first feature is on Silhouettes.
The summer after I graduated from high school I had the opportunity to go on a vacation with some friends to France. When we were in Paris, I had a street artist draw a silhouette of me. (by the way, my nose isn't really that big)
I stuck it in my scrapbook and had kind of forgotten about it. A couple of months ago, I was reading a magazine called "100 decorating ideas under $100." It had a feature on silhouettes. I thought they looked pretty cool and was thinking of making some of my family and putting them in my living room. The article featured a website called He has some great silhouettes on there and you can purchase custom made art from him. Then, a few weeks later, I came across this website called Restyled Home. I loved her profile silhouettes and she gives a great tutorial to tell you how to do them. A few weeks after that, I saw these pillows in a magazine called Creative Home by BH&G. It was the winter 2007 issue. And to top it all off, my son loves the show Tom & Jerry. I was watching it with him one night and I noticed that Jerry had silhouettes hanging on his wall in his little mouse hole. I took all of those things as a sign that I was supposed to make these for my family.
So, I plan on making a profile of each of my 5 family members. I am going to follow the tutorial from Restyled Home and make my profiles black with a white background. I will put them in black picture frames and hang them on the wall in my black and white living room. Check back soon to see my finished product.

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